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Happy 4th of July!

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Extending the Life of your Car

Ten Things You Can Do or We Can Do For You! The best thing that you can do to extend the life of your car and potentially save yourself a bundle of money is to have your car serviced on a routine basis. All car manufacturers have a schedule of recommended services for each vehicle they sell. Follow this schedule. Be sure to follow your schedule for fluid flushes. Check the level and color of all fluids at every gas refill. If you don't know how to check your fluids or know what color your fluid should be then ask us to teach you. We will be happy to teach you for free. Nothing lasts forever. Your vehicle's oils and fluids do break down and require replacement in order to properly lubricate. These fluids not only provide lubrication, they need to conduct heat; they need to protect from rust and corrosion; they perform hydraulic functions. Change your oil and oil filter regularly to protect your engine and improve your gas mileage. Dirty oil or incorrect grade ... read more



Summer Car Care Tips

Summer Car Care Tips

Summer is here, and studies show that 60% of Americans plan road trips during the hot and sunny summer months. With fuel prices low and alternate methods of travel being less economical, people will be taking advantage of our country’s vast infrastructure of highways. Here are some items to have checked and keep an eye on before you head out on the open road. Your Vehicle’s Cooling System is comprised of numerous parts that work together to keep your engine at an optimal temperature. Your radiator is one of the most important parts to keep your engine cool and running. The radiator core is comprised of little tubes full of engine coolant that is cooled by having airflow over these tubes. This coolant then flows back to your engine, keeping it at a safe operating temperature. If your radiator core is leaking, plugged, or filled with old coolant, it cannot function properly and in turn, keep your engine from overheating. Be sure to have your radiator inspected to ensure prop ... read more


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