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The Honest 1 Auto Care Guide to Safe Towing for Mooresville Drivers

The Honest 1 Auto Care Guide to Safe Towing for Mooresville Drivers

Safe Towing Let's talk about towing safety in MOORESVILLE. Too often MOORESVILLE drivers just slap a trailer on the hitch and take off. But there are safety considerations to protect your tow vehicle, comply with NC laws and limit your liability. Know your tow vehicle. Your options will affect the tow rating, so you need to carefully read the towing section of your manufacturer's owner's manual to know how much your vehicle can tow. Know the weight limits of your trailer hitch. It will have a maximum tongue limit and an overall limit. Know your hitch type: a weight-distributing hitch may be required by your manufacturer for certain trailer weights. Know the towing laws for the areas in which you'll be towing as they may have stricter equipment requirements. Your owner's manual will also give you some help in determining how to calculate how much weight you can tow. It's more ... read more


Safe Driving
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